A word to Brad Drell from Jan Nunley


You almost have to be an Episcopal Church insider to understand the context of these words by my friend Jan Nunley which are written in response to another person (who I like to think of as a possible friend) Brad Drell.

Brad’s original post calls out folks in the Episcopal Church for putting too much emphasis on political and cultural success and not enough emphasis and focus on Jesus.

Jan, a priest in a life-long same-gender marriage writes in response:

“I did not ask to be who and what I am, and neither who or what I am is defined by any single aspect of my life, save one: I am defined for eternity solely by what I have chosen to be–and that is a follower of the risen Jesus Christ.

I thank God that in mercy I was born in a time and place where I can be the beneficiary of the wrestling of faithful Christians with the perspectives and interpretations of other faithful Christians in ages past. Truly, ‘we feebly struggle, they in glory shine/But all are one in thee, for all are thine/Alleluia!’

Because I stand at an empty tomb, every other thing is relative to that fact. It is to the Risen Lord that I cling, not to particular dogmas or doctrines, creeds, canons or constitutions. These are guidelines, and in the main they are good ones: I study them gladly, and I follow them gratefully. But like you, Brad, I call on the Lord at every turn for guidance, and that may put me on a road less traveled by the rest of the world–and by you. My call is to be faithful; I leave it to God to be right.

I did not join the Episcopal Church out of rebellion, but in gratitude for the Anglican Way as I received it at a time when I most needed it: a Communion catholic, reformed and always reforming in the light which God gives her for the times…a place of common prayer and uncommon grace…a place where head and heart may be gladly joined, where ‘our selves, our souls and bodies’ are offered daily for service, to the end that God’s reign of justice and peace for all creation may be established ‘on earth as it is in heaven.'”

Read the full article here.

Knowing Jan as I do, I can say unequivocally that she is writing truly about her personal relationship with Jesus and it is out of that relationship that her ministry both in a parish and as a communications specialist has always flowed.

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  1. Agreed. Jan articulates what is best in The Episcopal Church … and in stark contrast to the Puritans who want to take it over.

  2. wmpaul says

    1. Nothing wrong with all puritans and those in the realignment movement certainly should make us in ECUSA think about what godliness is.
    2. Whatever Nunley’s virtues are (and for the record I can cite countless articles revealing significant biad), I wonder why Knisely claims Nunley’s relationship is ‘life-long’ when, obviously, her life is still in process and why he calls it a “marriage.” The Canons and BCP to which he, he tells us, pledges allegiance does not understand marriage this way.

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