Communion in Conflict: Behold: A True Prophet

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My friend Fr. Nathan has written an essay inspired by what Christopher has written, and which I’ve posted a link to here.

He ends his essay, which is really worth reading in the entirety:

“So, to my conservative friends, I will say: I agree with you that those churches that tout their ‘inclusiveness’ are often so wishy-washy and touchy-feely that no one will ever be challenged to repent, that repentance and conversion seem anathema, that their version of the Gospel is even more watered down than my version! They embarrass me.

And to my liberal friends, I will say: I agree with you entirely that those churches that tout their ‘faithfulness’ to the Bible and its demands of holiness and conversion can be really inhospitable, scary places, that they often do damage to people who seek Christ there, even without intending to, and that they are an embarassment.

But to both of you I say: Listen carefully to what people like Christopher are really asking for. And ask yourself: is my activism, my dogmatism, my judgmentalism, actually providing the sort of care and service such people need? Am I able to serve such a person as Christ ‘in the meantime,’ between now and when my theopolitical goals have been accomplished (or thwarted)? In the midst of my passionate commitments and conflicts, am I able to be with, and for, such a person in the way that Christ has been with, and for, me?

These questions transcend the issues, without in the least diminishing their importance as issues. But, I hope, they do put things in perspective, that they cast down our pet idols standing in the way of seeing our brothers and sisters as human beings for whom Christ died and with whom we are called to stand…even if we can’t stand them or what they stand for.”

Read the full article here.

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