Radio Helcat


A friend of mine has setup some genre stations on Pandora (a streaming music service).

I listen to Pandora, mostly as a way to listen to classic folk music and my favorite classical genres.

Helen “Helcat” Mosher, has figured out how to share her favorites with others:

“So far I’ve set up Radio Helcat 80s, Radio Helcat Industrial, Radio Helcat Bluegrass and Radio Helcat Modern. And I’m quite sure I’m going to have to set up a Baroque channel, a movie score channel, and .. hmm. Eventually they’re going to have to cut me off.

But they, like every other social music service, totally lack any songs by Modern English other than that one we shall not name. That’s going to be the barometer, for me, of how fabulous a service is, because I will not rest until ‘Someone’s Calling’ gets the love it deserves. (And for that matter, becomes my ring tone.)”

Read the full article here.

Due to my respect for Helen, I intend to give her stations a listen. Hey – I remember discovering a whole genre of music as a freshman in college. I think they call it “rock” or something. It was nice music to listen to while playing darts. I still have a copy of the Kingston Trio on my iPod as a result…


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  1. Taking wagers on how long it takes you to run screaming from the industrial channel? Where’s Derek Olsen when I need him? heh.

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