The Realigners have a blog !


My friend Jim Simons, a conservative priest in the Diocese of Pittsburgh just posted the following bit of news:

“The folks who want the Diocese of Pittsburgh to realign have their own blog now. If you want to know what the culture of the realignment will be like, spend a few minutes looking at it. I remember when the ‘Osbournes’ TV show came out someone said that the program which many thought would glorify the drug culture of Rock and Roll was actually the greatest anti-drug ad ever produced. I think we have a parallel here.”

Find his blog here.

And the blog he’s mentioning “Episcopalians for Realignment” here.

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  1. From the first few postings, it looks as if realignment will seem like a church full of David Virtues …. all that’s missing is the word “pansexual.”
    Lots of anger, not a lot of thought … where is the Gospel in these postings?

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