Sunday Worship at Trinity Cathedral


If you ever wondered what our worship at Trinity Cathedral looks like:

Admittedly this is Trinity Sunday, but other than confirmation and the bishop preaching, it’s not too unlike what our other services look like.

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  1. Fr. Nick, wanted to mention that I do really like the video stuff from Trinity! I forwarded the YouTube link to some people in my own parish, just so they could get a look; it would be great, I think, to get college kids in media studies or film courses to make shorts like this for parishes. Gives them the opportunity to show what they can do, and us the benefit of it. Plus, it would give kids that age a bit of contact with the church, which is something that every parish says it wants to do.
    Anyway, tell your media guy that we like the videos! One person said that the “Fraction” one gave her chills.

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