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On the Sunday after the Feast of the Ascension I preached a sermon at the Cathedral that focused, ironically, on Christ’s Harrowing of Hell following his death on the Cross. My point was that Jesus shows us the depth of his servant ministry to each one of us by his willingness to descend into the depths of the most profound alienation from the Father both because of his obedience as a loving Son, and because of his love for each one of us.

One of the people who heard the sermon was our Cathedral videographer Bryan who had a vision of Christ’s action of rescue.

He began to talk about a video that would attempt to capture some of the power of the visual imagery he saw in his mind’s eye as he was meditating on the event of Christ’s entry into Hell.

This video is the resulting product… I think it’s the best one yet in the series. And, as far as I know, it’s the first attempt to try to create a video expression

You can see the rest of the video here:

Trinity Cathedral Media Channel

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