Big Bell Test


There’s news today of yet another test of the non-local nature of Quantum Physics. (Non-locality totally contradicts the basic principles of classical physics, and if true, is the cause of all the bizarre behavior that scientists and theologians have been trying to understand for decades now.

From the article:

“In an attempt to rule out any kind of communication between entangled particles, physicists from the University of Geneva have sent two entangled photons traveling to different towns located 18 km apart – the longest distance for this type of quantum measurement. The distance enabled the physicists to completely finish performing their quantum measurements at each detector before any information could have time to travel between the two towns.

[…]In their experiment, the physicists sent pairs of entangled photons from Geneva through optical fibers leading to interferometers in two other Swiss towns: Satigny and Jussy, located 8.2 and 10.7 km away, respectively. The distance between the interferometers in Satigny and Jussy was 18 km.

[…]‘The significance of our experiment lies entirely in achieving space-like separation, even under the assumption that a quantum measurement is only finished after a macroscopic mass has moved, as in the Penrose-Diosi model,’ Zbinden explained.

Altogether, the experiment serves to fill a loophole by ruling out any kind of communication between two entangled particles separated by a distance, provided the collapse happens only after a mass has moved. By spatially separating the entangled photons, the test once again confirms the nonlocal nature of quantum correlations. “

Read the full article, which contains a very helpful explanation of the ways that people have attempted to explain away non-locality observations (and thus why this experiment is important) here.

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