Today we carpooled

Peak Oil

I’ve been noticing more bicycles on the road here in Phoenix over the past couple of weeks. I’ve also seen traffic on the highways slow down to something closer to the posted speed limit (with the exception of young drivers in big cars – they seem to think that 90 mph is still the way to go).

Today my wife and I decided to join the throng of people who are changing our driving habits in response to the climbing price of gas. We drove to work together, me dropping her off at her office and then my going on to the Cathedral. I’ll pick her up on the way home. Doing so means we can use just one car, and in particular, the car that gets better city-mileage.

In a few months Phoenix will have a new light-rail system that has a stop right across the street from the Cathedral, and another not too far from our house. I figure that by Christmas time or so I’ll be using it daily to get around town.

Perhaps it won’t be too unrealistic to start thinking about going down to one car… Both cars are paid off, but not having to pay insurance, maintenance and fuel on one car would be a big help for the budget – especially as we start thinking about having a kid in college.

How about the rest of you? Are you starting to make changes to the way you drive or commute? If prices were to drop back down by 50 cents or so a gallon, do you think you’ll go back to the old way of doing things?

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  1. Brad says

    My wife and I sold our second car in March 2007, and in February of this year we upgraded to a newer, smaller car (Scion xA, gets about 34mpg on average). My wife rides the bus to work every day. We made the decision to reduce our environmental footprint long before gas prices were anywhere near $4/gallon, so I don’t think we’d go back to our old lifestyle, even with $1/gallon gas (not that I think we’ll ever see it that low again).

  2. I’ve started using public transportation to get to work, when possible – and I’m looking into bus routes for school next semester. Once the lightrail is finished, I’ll probably take it halfway to church!

  3. Ann Johnson says

    Wow, so you guys are discovering public transportation. Back in the 1980s, I was so happy when they began to bring a bus over the mountain to service Moon Valley. I could walk up to the bus stop, catch a bus which dropped me off at the VA 15 min before my shift began. In the afternoon I could catch it and ride home without the stress of the traffic. Guess growing up using public transportation made this easy for me. Sadly I live in rural AZ now so a car is a necessity, but I make my trips to town count.

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