Bush, Benedict and Relativism


If you’re feeling bored today, I have an essay on Pope Benedict, Cultural Relativism and President Bush posted over on Episcopal Cafe:

“During a television interview on the eve of the visit, the President expressed his gratitude for the Pope’s teaching that ‘there’s right and wrong in life, that moral relativism has a danger of un-dermining the capacity to have more hopeful and free societies.’ The President’s statement elicited a flurry of articles and online conversations about how relativism might actually achieve the destruction of society. But the problem is, near as I can tell, the President got the Pope’s thinking just about dead wrong.

I was particularly interested in the question of the proper role of relativism because of my training prior to studying for the priesthood. Part of my studies were spent in theoretical physics (in a small branch of general relativity theory actually) and I’ve been teaching a course on the philosophy of physics for the past six years or so. As part of all that I’ve been digging into the philosophical underpinnings of both classical and quantum physics and trying to see how we might connect the work being done there with way we as a Church talk about God (literally: Theology).”

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