Evolution Book Sees No Science-Religion Gap

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The National Academy of Sciences has released a new resource for teachers and educational administrators that is intended to help them pick their way through the most common arguments against the Theory of Evolution.

According to the article in the New York Times:

“The 70-page book, ‘Science, Evolution and Creationism,’ says, among other things, that ‘attempts to pit science and religion against each other create controversy where none needs to exist.’ And it offers statements from several eminent biologists and members of the clergy to support the view.

In the book, which will be available on the Web site of the National Academies (www.nas.edu), the panel reports that evidence for the theory of evolution is overwhelming and growing. It cites findings from DNA research, fossil discoveries and the observations scientists have made about emerging diseases, like SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome.

The book also denounces the arguments for a form of creationism called intelligent design, calling them devoid of evidence, ‘disproven’ or ‘simply false.’”

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