Merry Christmas to me…


I’ve been reading novels on my palm pda and computer for years now. Having taken a book along on my first date as a freshman in high school in case it got boring (it didn’t), the chance to carry a small library with me is too much to pass up. I remember fondly reading the book “Band of Brothers” on my pda while riding the train from Vienna to Krakow and back again a few years ago.

So it’s no surprise that I jumped all over the new Kindle from Amazon. The chance to be able to carry books with me no matter where I go – and add to my collection if the need arises was just too tempting to pass up.

With Mrs. Knisely’s okay, I ordered a Kindle for Christmas. It’s expensive, but at the rate I buy books, I should break even in about a year because I’ll be able to buy the electronic rather than the paper version of many books.

I’ll write up a review of my own after Christmas – but the reviews I’ve seen online so far have been very favorable. In fact the Kindle’s sold out already. Hopefully they’ll have more in stock in time for me to able to curl up with one over the long holiday.

Now we’ll need to figure out how to get the Prayer Book and Hymnal on the electronic devices.

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