Email Is For Old People?


Techdirt has a provocatively titled post:

“A few years ago, we pointed to a report in Asia, where kids were saying that email was for old people, and they were more focused on things like text messaging. This may have just been foreshadowing a larger trend, highlight by an article in Slate about how, just as older generations have embraced emails, kids have moved on to many different forms of communication from instant messaging to text messaging to private messaging through social networks to broadcast messaging through Twitter and Facebook news feeds. And, while it worries the reporter a bit, he’s come to accept it and realize that kids are simply figuring out the best, most efficient way to communicate different messages — where email as a one-size-fits-all communication system is a bit clunky. That’s not to say that email is going away any time soon — but that it’s not nearly as important a communication tool as many ‘older’ people seem to assume it is.”

Of course the Episcopal Church is just now getting around to learning how best to use email…

Hey – at least I have a facebook page. Though I can only keep it for a few more years. Cause “50 is facebook creepy“.

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  1. not only am I a mom on facebook, i’m on there twice, once as a personal account, once as a work account. my teenage son has both friended, and on the memes he posts to his account, he talks about how cool I am. 😀
    I feel so blessed. Part of it is being the gen-x mom of a millennial, but part of it is that we have that good of a relationship in general. I have always loved defying stereotypes; this one was unexpected.

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