Eucharistic Theology


I found this quiz online today. The results aren’t terribly surprising – especially as I was raised in the Lutheran Church and have found the Eastern Orthodox elements of Anglicanism the most compelling theological voice within the various ones it contains.

Eucharistic theology
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You are Orthodox, worshiping the mystery of the Holy Trinity in the great liturgy whereby Jesus is present through the Spirit in a real yet mysterious way, a meal that is also a sacrifice.













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  1. Eucharistic Theology quiz

    Another quiz (HT Nicholas Knisely) thats a bit different (as with so many I wanted to answer, but to a number of questions). I note theres no Anglican option in the results, so I couldnt end up being who I am….

  2. Interesting quiz (I got 100% Orthodox), but for some statements I didn’t want to say “disagree,” even though they said less than I would have done. But I hadn’t thought about Orthodox attitudes to the reserved sacrament…

  3. Jeffrey Hall says

    Interesting indeed. I scored 100% Calvin, 88% Orthodox.

  4. Alice MacArthur says

    I came put Orthodox big time too, but not as high as you. Was surprised that Calvin came in second for me. Guess I need to learn more about his theology. And I showed a bit more Unitarian too. Interesting quiz. Was not surprised by the results o/t than the Calvin bit.

  5. This is quite a bit after the fact, so I’m sure nobody but you will read it, but thanks for posting this…very interesting! I got 94% Orthodox, same as you, but then 69% Calvin after that, followed by 56% Catholic, 56% Zwingli, 38% Luther, and 6% Unitarian.

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