Matthew Davies: Unity in Mission

General Convention / World Mission

Matthew Davies, the editor of Episcopal Life online has written a wonderful editorial on what he’s hearing as he travels around the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion:

“Ask the average Anglican to name the most important aspects of his or her religion and you will not be treated to a rundown of legislation, litigation, formal reports or public statements. You will hear stories of relationship, partnership, tradition and mission. The articles and perspectives prevalent in the mainstream secular media might suggest otherwise. Reading the headlines, one could assume that the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion are in a state of irremediable turmoil, even on the brink of schism. But interviews with Anglicans engaged in mission around the world indicate that this scenario is not the reality.

Journey to the communion’s grassroots in communities throughout the world and you’ll find people of faith committed to serving God and one another. Meet the missionaries in Africa, Asia or South America; explore the friendships forged through companion-diocese relationships; or witness people’s lives transformed by relief and development programs in the world’s poorest communities — that’s where you’ll find Anglicanism in its most authentic form.

‘There will always be issues on which we cannot agree and issues which may threaten to fracture our communion,’ says the Rev. Bob Snow, canon to the ordinary in the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic. ‘But as missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic for 12 years, we have observed that Christians, no matter where they stand on the issues, agree that we have a responsibility to serve those in need.'”

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