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Here’s a new project being led by Marshall Montgomery that I think is worth keeping an eye on:

“I have started a new blog called The Seminar on Conflict Ecclesiology. It is a team blog, with Members (authors) who accept the (currently) twenty-one theses of Conflict Ecclesiology as a starting point for a sustained conversation, while not being required to subscribe to them. The theses are thus subject to critique and revision by the Members, with the assistance of any outside readers, who are welcome to post comments.

Currently, the Seminar has three Members: me, Tobias Haller, and Ginger Watkins; other Members are expected to join the conversation shortly.

I was inspired to start this new endeavor by two blogs, Covenant and Episcopal Café, both of which have served as constructive meeting places for dialogue and the civil exchange of ideas. The Café and Covenant, however, both function by publishing thoughtful pieces by their contributing authors and allowing comments. Neither blog is a conversation in the fullest sense of that word. This is not a criticism, simply an observation on their common structure, which makes good sense and makes for good reading. The Seminar on Conflict Ecclesiology, on the other hand, follows norms that are aimed at keeping the blog more conversational in its format and tone; it is thereby hoped that readers will be able to join in the building of a community of inquiry. Thus, the Seminar is intended to bring together the best elements of blogging, listservs, and e-mail, each of which has its own limits in fostering an ongoing conversation.”

Read the rest: New Blog: The Seminar on Conflict Ecclesiology

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