House of Bishops – Day Five

General Convention

Bishop Epting writes on his blog:

“A very long day Monday working on our statement to the wider Communion. There was a glitch in communications somehow and, even though our agenda had always said that we would not finish our work until the formal business session on Tuesday, the Joint Standing Committee of the Primates and ACC who are continuing to meet here separately for their regular meeting wanted something yesterday. I argued against changing our process because we do not do our best work under pressure, but the Presiding Bishop was able to give them a sense of where we are heading and I think they appreciated that.

We are now working on two statements — a short, pithy one to answer the specific questions we have been asked to address by the Primates and Joint Standing Committee, and a longer one to contextualize that response and speak to the rest of our experience here in New Orleans. Time is short to get all that done and the writing team has been working night and day with our input and suggested revisions/refinements to the text.

We have most of today (Tuesday) to get this done and I have hope that we will indeed complete our work. It’s a very difficult task, given the diversity of this House, but that very diversity is part of the richness of the Episcopal Church and, at least historically, Anglicanism.”

This report is substantially the same was what the Lead reported yesterday.

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