Last Protestant Dinosaur


There’s a new blog that’s been recently started that I don’t think many folks have noticed yet – but looks like they will.

The opening essay expresses a thought that I’ve had myself for most of my ministry in the Episcopal Church, especially as I served congregations in the dioceses of Pennsylvania:

“Casting my eyes around the room, I found a familiar state of affairs. Once again, my wife and I had entered a mainline protestant church and had lowered the average age of the congregation by at least twenty years. A great lump settled in my heart as I realized that ever since I returned to church as a 22 year old, until my late 30s as of this writing, I had consistently been the ‘youngest.’

As a pastor for the last 14 years I knew the feeling well of standing before a congregation and suffering the acute grief of knowing that I loved these people and that it would fall on me to bury most of them in the course of my career. In addition, that Sunday morning in Maine, it dawned on me, that with these lovely elder folks, my calling might be to bury the tradition I loved as well.

I felt like my wife and I were the last mainline protestant dinosaurs.”

Read the rest here: Last Protestant Dinosaur

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