Archbishop of Canterbury rejects Nigerian bishop’s words

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This came by email this morning:

“The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has expressed deep shock at remarks said to have been made by the Bishop of Uyo, Nigeria, the Rt Revd Isaac Orama concerning gay and lesbian people.

The Archbishop will be contacting the Archbishop of Nigeria, Dr Peter Akinola, to seek clarification. Dr Williams said ‘The safety of people of gay and lesbian sexual orientation is a matter of concern for us all. The Anglican Primates, along with all other official bodies in the Anglican Communion, have consistently called for an end to homophobia, violence and hatred. If these reports are correct I would urge the bishop to apologise. Such comments are unacceptable and profoundly shocking on the lips of any Christian’.”

Read the rest here: Williams expresses shock, seeks clarification from Akinola

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  1. The question Canterbury and everyone who is *shocked* should be asking is why most gay and lesbian persons are not shocked. This is par for the course and not the first time. It was only a matter of time from dehumanizing words to worse. The truth of the matter is the Anglican Communion is not a safe place of gay and lesbian persons.

  2. You mean, the way all the “reasserters” so easily believed and propagated the story?
    BTW, your link claims only that “….there are reports of a statement from a spokesman for the Episcopal Church of Nigeria that Bishop Orama has denied making the statements attributed to him, and that the reporter concerned has offered a verbal apology and promised to publish a retraction.”
    So tell me, why do you “so easily believe and propagate” this?

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