The Wii has landed…


I got my birthday present early this year (and my daughter got hers way early…) After searching around for about 9 months, I finally found a place that had a Nintendo Wii in stock.

We set it up this afternoon. Our daugher is in San Francisco at her Aunt’s home, and won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon, so her mother and I got to have a go at it in advance.

We spent a few minutes setting up our avatars (they’re called mii’s on the wii – cute huh?) and then got done to a little one-on-one competition. I won at golf and bowling (barely) but lost at tennis. Seems about right actually – that’s how we do against each other in real life too.

Number-one-daughter asked for a couple of other games (like Brain Academy), but we didn’t get those set up yet. I’ll let her read the manuals for once. Serves her right for getting so good at the games that I hardly have a chance of beating her at them anymore.

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