Sermon for Proper 11c 2007

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Some may say that modernist thinking desires to classify the world into either/or statements. Scientific inquiry often follows this type of approach when trying to disprove hypotheses to arrive at the correct answer. But in physics, one must be comfortable with paradox, and, likewise, the Episcopal Church itself is sometimes a frustrating advocate of both/and thinking. So, when we come to today's Gospel about hardworking and hospitable Martha versus the attentive and studious Mary, we may be tempted to label ourselves as more like one or the other. But looking at the whole message of Scripture with its sometimes seemingly conflicting perspectives, we may find a deeply holy "Yes" answer that moves us past apparent dichotomies.

NB: I've intentionally "collapsed" some of the history of St. Barnabas in Brackenridge with history of other parishes I've served as well. The point of the story is true, but the details are fudged to protect some of the folks involved…

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