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Jan Nunley, the Deputy for Communication at the Episcopal Church Center in NYC, and the author of the blog Episcope has done a little checking into a story in the New York Times that a former porn producer is soon to become an Episcopal priest…

“Your epiScope editor, who spent her youth as a reporter when Woodward and Bernstein were the heroes, decided to track down what really happened by talking to Mr. Boyer’s rector, the Rev. Hank Mitchel–which is more than reporter Waxman managed to do. Let’s go through the story, bit by painfully distorted bit.

From his work in the rented villas of the San Fernando Valley, where hard-core sex films are shot, he has moved just a short distance west, to the Church of the Epiphany, which is guiding his transformation from pornography star to preacher.

‘That’s wrong on so many levels,’ Mitchel told epiScope. ‘I’m his pastor, so of course I’m guiding him in that spiritual sense. But no one at Epiphany knows–or knew–about his background, except some key people on the staff. And no one is training him for ordained ministry at any level.’

So references to ‘Mr. Boyer’s embryonic ministry’ and ‘to pursue a new path as a religious leader’ are misleading?

‘Boy, are they ever!’ Mitchel said.”

Jan set this blog up specifically to deal with this sort of sloppy reporting. Great to see that the plan is working.

Do read the rest here so that you’ll know how to answer anyone who asks you about the story: Stop the presses…before somebody gets hurt

(Via epiScope.)

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