Harry Potter: T-3.5 hours…


Okay. Our tickets are purchased. The pre-movie pizza is ready to be consumed. In an hour and a half our family departs for the local theater with our pre-purchased tickets in hand for the latest Harry Potter flick.

The good news is the weather has cooperated. I never imagined how refreshing 105 F can feel after 2 weeks at 115+ weather. So I’m actually looking forward to standing out in the “cool” night air…

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  1. Hi Mary –
    The best one yet!
    (he says rubbing the sleep from his eyes…)
    Seriously, it was the best movie adaption of the book that they’ve yet done. I was wondering how they were going to handle getting all of OotP onto the screen. The screen play did pretty much what the adaption of LotR did – focus on keeping the plot moving, with small insider salutes to plot lines that aren’t included.
    Luna Lovegood is perfect.
    Umbridge is just as despicable as you’d want. She was roundly booed by the packed house by the end of the movie every time she came onscreen.

  2. I saw it last night too – I agree, it was incredible! Really, really dark though. The best part was definitely when Sirius punched Lucius in the face. It wasn’t in the book, but man it was awesome!

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