More on the new Sudanese Mission of St. Paul’s in Phoenix


Pat McCaughan has a great article about the events yesterday at St. Paul’s and the fabulous sermon by Canon Guerrero:

“During Sunday’s homily, Guerrero challenged the fledgling congregation to plan for the future and to make St. Paul’s a place of abundance.

‘You are no longer children. You are no longer ‘lost,’ you are men and women of God,’ she said. ‘The faith I see in you is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. The spirit within you surpasses human understanding. You are called to work together. Now is the time to learn what it means to walk in faith … in this country. It’s a different kind of survival.’

Gabriel Kuany, who along with eight others graduated from Phoenix College last month, has future dreams and visions.

‘We give thanks to the diocese; to start new life isn’t simple,’ he said. ‘Now, we have a home where we can pray to God in the Dinka dialect, where we can sit together and study the Bible, we can go deep,’ he said, touching a hand to his chest.

‘We will have programs for the community, teaching young children how life is and about becoming future leaders, teaching about becoming future families,’ he added. ‘I hope we do more than this one in the future, whatever it takes to help those who need help.'”

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