New Sudanese Mission Church


I’ve been sitting here in my comfy chair for the last hour or so trying to put my thoughts in order to say something about this wonderful weekend I just experienced.

I haven’t managed to do that yet mostly because I’m still dealing with sensory overload from the service of institution and consecration of a building that I spent the afternoon attending.

Chuck Blanchard, a parishioner of our cathedral and who was received into the Episcopal Church this morning has the scoop:

“Today, the Bishop of the Diocese of Arizona, Kirk Smith (a fellow graduate of Lewis & Clark College, by the way) opened a new mission church–St. Paul’s Sudanese Mission. As the name implies, it is a church for the hundreds of Sudanese refugees who now call Phoenix home.”

There’s more on Chuck’s site, plus links to the Arizona Republic article this morning.

If you’re interested in a video version, go here. (You’ll even see your’s truly toward the end of the interview…) I’ll put the direct link up as soon as the video that’s showing on Phoenix TV appears online.

Read the rest here: New Sudanese Mission Church

(Via A Guy in the Pew.)

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  1. Haha, I saw my priest on TV this afternoon, since I am in the Diocese of Arizona. Pretty exciting stuff 🙂

  2. Oops. I thought this was someone else’s blog – how embarrassing! Sorry, Fr.Nick.

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