Moscow swelters in record heat

Climate Change

It’s not too hot yet here in Phoenix, but looks like (relatively speaking) that’s not the case for the global north. Moscow is already dealing with record heat and the NYTimes had an article over the weekend about the dangers to Alaskan villages that are sinking as the permafrost begins to melt close to the artic circle:

“Record temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) — five to seven degrees Celsius higher than normal — were predicted by Moscow’s meteorological service to continue through the week.

Monday’s high of 33.2 decrees Celsius (92 degrees Fahrenheit) broke the previous record, set in 1995, by one degree. According to Kommersant newspaper, it was the first May since 1879 that Moscow has seen a five-day spell of over 30 degrees Celsius.

The heat strained the city’s infrastructure, prompting worries of a repeat of a major power cut during hot weather exactly two years ago, when transport and daily life were thrown into chaos.

The head of Mosenergosbyt, which runs electricity distribution for the capital, announced that supplies would remain at normal levels for the time being. On Monday a warning was issued that industrial supplies might be restricted after transformers at 14 electrical substations burned out.”

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