Another General Speaks Out Against Torture

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A parishioner here at Trinity Cathedral, Chuck Blanchard has a post up about a growing number of military voices expressing their discomfort with some of the ethical issues that are arising in our occupation of Iraq and the simultaneous War on Terror:

“When I was General Counsel of the United States Army, I had the honor to work with lots of very impressive General officers. Paul Kern was one of the best. He played a very important role in pushing the Army toward a badly needed transformation. General Kern later played another very important role. He was the investigator of the atrocities at Abu Ghraib prison.

Today he had a letter to the editor in the Washington Post yesterday that makes a very strong case that torture is not merely morally wrong, but also very unwise:”

Read the rest here: Another General Speaks Out Against Torture

(Via A Guy in the Pew.)

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