CO2 Emissions Rate Triples in one Decade

Climate Change

Over the past week came news that the southern oceans are completely saturated with CO2 – and will not be able to absorb any more carbon emissions.

So this news, that simultaneously the rate of emission has tripled is particularly alarming:

“According to a new study, current global CO2 emission rates, based on a per year scale, have tripled from the rates of expansion seen in the 90s. Roughly, it was going up 1% a year back then, now it is at 3%. They say this is primarily from increased use of fossil fuels as so many more people are becoming mass consumers of manufactured goods and are driving vehicles, and because our uses of fossil fuels are still so inefficient.

Read the rest here: CO2 Emissions Rate Triples in one Decade

(Via Technocrat.)

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