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Fr. Tony has an essay up that talks about the various historical reasons that have been given to justify splitting the Church into different denominations. But while such things have happened in the past, he shares a different vision for out time.

He ends his essay with this challenge to all of us:

“I firmly believe that all of us have to embrace Calvary at this present time and accept the pain involved in offering our thoughts and issues, campaigns and plans together as we nail them on the Cross. If we are prepared to die and offer up our most cherished desires and convictions, trusting our Lord to kill them that they may rise again in a glorious manner and stun us in their beauty then we shall move forward in God’s will.. Unhappily most of us want to justify, to cling to and to idolize the very things which lead from peace to terror, the terror of a divided, bloodied Church.”

Read the rest here: Fr. Tony Clavier: JUSTIFICATION OF SCHISM

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  1. I say this because the cross can and is and has been used as an excuse to insist others give up an insistence on being treated with dignity and Fr. Clavier to the protest of lgbt persons on his blog has a heterosexist tendency that is quite condescending toward lgbt people and he can’t even see it.

  2. Do my brother’s sins excuse my own, or mean that my actions are beyond reproach?

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