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John Chilton has a very helpful post on his blog that points out some of the non-obvious back-story to the events that are taking place in Virginia next week (Bishop Minns’ installation as the Bishop for the CANA province of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican)).

A few days ago I speculated that its not clear whether the traditional Anglican groups that have split off from The Episcopal Church were rivals or lovers. Today’s Washington Times provides some insight:

‘There’s a sense that Akinola is a very strong leader. Does he want to take over?’ said Bishop John Rodgers, the retired co-founder of the Anglican Mission in America, which was founded in 2000 as a U.S. breakaway group by foreign bishops.

Like many church leaders invited, Bishop Rodgers had prior commitments and will not come. He said CANA is perceived as recruiting ACN churches into its ranks, ‘although I know,’ he added, ‘Martyn just wants a safe place where people can be orthodox.’

Not all conservatives are convinced CANA wants to be a team player.

‘No one can be sure if they’re competing against us or cooperating with us,’ an ACN source said.

The WT also reports:

A phone survey of 10 Episcopal dioceses that belong to the Anglican Communion Network (ACN) — a confederation that opposes the Robinson consecration — revealed that only its moderator, Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan, plans to attend. Bishop Don Harvey, moderator of the Anglican Network of Canada, has also accepted.

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