1. Gee Nick
    All of us ex-pat Canadians are standing up in front of our computers singing O Canada and swigging maple syrup. The war museum is fab! Don’t know about the singing Mountie. They were usually cooked up for foreign consumption.

  2. The weather while I was there was superb. A very comfortable (for this newly minted Phoenician) 80 degrees (26 C).
    The Mountie was hoot. And the people who recognized the songs he was singing thought he was fabulous. (I like the kids better. Grin.)
    The new War Museum is really Fabo! I went through it with the wife of a Canadian Major General – who gave us all sorts of wonderful background info.
    Can’t wait to get back up there. I promised myself that I’m going to do the long train ride through Canadian Rockies real soon now – it’s been on my “to-do” list forever.

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