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Hey all –

A friend just wrote to ask me why the links in her comments aren’t showing up as URL’s automatically. I had the comments set to limited HTML, and with that setting Typepad (my blog host) wouldn’t automatically parse the links you added.

I’ve changed that so that links now are handled automatically, but making that change may effect the way that commenting works. Use this post as a place to experiment. If it’s too much of a pain, or too limiting this way, I’ll switch it back.

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  1. Anonymous says

    This is a test. I’m just entering to see what happens. Looks like it’s autoconverted.
    But now I can’t use bold or italic… I suppose we could just go like *this* or _this_ if we needed too.

  2. Well – good timing, then! Fr.Nicholas, my name is Eric. I’m a student at NAU, but I always go to services at the Cathedral when I’m home in Phoenix visiting my parents – I accidentally stumbled across your blog, and I hope you don’t mind that I’ve linked yours from mine as a favorite 🙂
    The link is
    Peace! +

  3. Michael Cochise Young says

    darn those unintended (diacritical) consequences…

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