1. I got a headache just watching the flash animation! I’m a curmudgeon on this stuff, I admit, but you can take all the liturgical dance/mime/juggling/pendant waving/etc and push them off a cliff as far as I’m concerned.
    But especially K&K!

  2. All that flash – bad for those on dial up (yes some still are) and mimes —- arrggghhh!!

  3. Michael Cochise Young says

    Would Flash let us do more to make the Cathedral’s public art (the windows, the Stations/labyrinth, perhaps the music, too) more widely available on the web site? [I know: copyright considerations, esp. w/ the music…] Or is there a more simple technology to accomplish this? But let us not have a murmurring of mimes. And don’t even think about PowerPoint presentations!! Hhhmmmm. I wonder what audience *would* respond to K&K…

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