Global Warming’s “Highway to Extinction”

Climate Change

The Conscious Earth blog has news today of the ramifications that will follow if the rate of climate change predicted by an upcoming report from the UN verifies:

“A new report from the United Nations is slated for release on Good Friday, will outline the effects of global warming with every degree of temperature rise in what key researcher Andrew Weaving calls a ‘Highway to Extinction’.

The missing link in many discussions of global warming is how temperature rises affect the ecosystem as a whole, and subsequently our own society. The upcoming report promises to make those connections in frightening detail.”

The most sobering of these is the prediction that up to 1.7 billion people will not have enough water after the first 1 degree centigrade rise in the average temp. Another 1 degree rise would put another 2 billion people at risk…

Read the rest here: Global Warming’s "Highway to Extinction"

(Via The Conscious Earth.)

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