PRELUDIUM: Where Archbishop Gomez’s words would take us

General Convention

Mark Harris has done an analysis of a recent paper Archbishop Drexel Gomez gave at the Cathedral in Blackburn. Mark reads Gomez’s words carefully and draws out the implications for the Communion:

“Most of what the Archbishop has to say is of great value, but this little section is revealing of something that is happening without sufficent notice. The Anglican Consultative Council is slowly being replaced as the ‘instrument of Communion’ that will be the council of the Communion by the Primates Meeting.

What is being proposed here is something reflected in the proposed text for a Covenant. It is that the Primates will become the body that will adjudicate and guide the communion. In the proposed Covenant the ACC would become a program agency and the Archbishop of Canterbury a titular head. The Lambeth Conference would become a synod of bishops. But the Primates would rule.”

Read the rest here: PRELUDIUM: When Archbishop Gomez speaks, listen carefully! He is filtering out the vintage.

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