Ruth Gledhill: Rowan Williams to take three-month break

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Ruth Gledhill has some unexpected news this morning:

“he Archbishop of Canterbury is taking ‘study leave’ in June and July. August will be his usual annual holiday. Apart from the Petertide ordinations at Canterbury Cathedral, Dr Rowan Williams will be dedicating June and July to academic study and spiritual reflection. Some of the time will be spent out of the country.

Lambeth Palace went all coy just now when I asked whether he was off to Mount Athos on retreat or anywhere like that, but I wouldn’t mind betting. Despite the temptation, however, we shouldn’t read too much into this. I don’t imagine going off on ‘study leave’ in the Church of England means the same thing as it does in my materialistic world. Even if the recent stresses of one of the most difficult jobs in Christendom have been getting to him.

In The Episcopal Church, not surprisingly, some highly-placed sources are wondering how it is he can take three months away from the job and still not find time to visit them as invited.”

I wish I had the answer…

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