Scobel: Newspapers are dead…


One of the things I am passionately interested in is how the Episcopal Church should best make use of the new technology which allows new publishing models, etc. I’ve been flogging away at that for the past fifteen years.

Robert Scoble, a tech pundit who really gets “it”, posted an article about why dead-tree media companies are in so much trouble today.

His quote below started me thinking:

“How many future journalists are being trained for the online world?

I can tell you how many: zero.”

I can add a corollary – how many parish clergy are being trained for the online church? I’m pretty sure the answer is the same.

Most of the time when I ask my fellow clergy about how they’re adapting, they tell me proudly that they don’t use email.

I hope we don’t have to go through the sort of sturm und drang that the newspapers appear to be facing…

Read the rest here: Newspapers are dead…

(Via Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger.)

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