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General Convention

Fr. Jones has posted some thoughts on where we as Anglicans and Episcopalians might soon be headed (and in someways have already arrived).

” I predict that two kinds of Anglican communions will emerge in the next few years, and there will likely be overlap between the members of each.

One will be a more centrally governed one — with power and authority vested increasingly in the bishops and primates of the member provinces. This communion will actually be new in its structure. It will represent a ‘new kind of Anglican’ with greater emphasis on confessional theological clarity and rigidity of doctrine and discipline. Almost certainly, the governing theological framework will be the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, Ordinal and the 39 Articles. The power of clergy will be great, and the bishops and archbishops will be like the ‘monarchical bishops’ of old.

The second kind of Anglican Communion will be a confederally associated one — with each province having autonomy. In actual fact, this second one will look pretty much like the Anglican Communion has always looked until the past few years. [emp added] In this communion, there will be a diversity of theological teachings — some at odds with one another. There will be some provinces which include gay people into all stations of the church — and some which don’t. Lay people will have more authority. The connections between member provinces and dioceses will be primarily relational and missionary. Folks will get to know each other through work and mission. Bishops will meet and primates and governing councils — and bonds of fellowship will be forged. Some kind of covenant relationship will still have to be worked out — in an effort to achieve maximum unity for the sake of the Gospel.”

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