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The Anglican Scotist has a thought-provoking post up that does a bit of political thinking about what was happening behind the scenes in Tanzania:

“It seems to me that Williams at Tanzania rebuked both Duncan’s call for walls of separation, and Duncan’s harsh anti-Christian rhetoric aimed at TEC. Perhaps Williams had hoped Duncan would have been a more moderate Moderator, leading the Network to be what the Camp Allen group actually is now. It seems to me Williams now believes (quite correctly in my view) that Duncan reached too far; he has lost his usefulness to Williams, esp. as a counterweight to potentially volatile and fissiparous right-evangelicals.”

It will be a very interesting meeting of the House of Bishops at Camp Allen if the Scotist is right…

Read the rest here: One Way to Marginalize Bishop Duncan’s Realignment Effort

(Via The Anglican Scotist.)

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  1. william paul says

    “and Duncan’s harsh anti-Christian rhetoric aimed at TEC”
    I missed this. What “harsh anti-Christian rhetoric aimed at TEC”? Is this an attempt to tar Duncan? I know this kind of stuff is floating around the blogosphere, but I’ve found nothing by Duncan that is even close to the harshness expressed by his opponents. What rhetoric is the Anglican Scotist referring to? He doesn’t cite any.
    I also missed ++Rowan’s rebuke?

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