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Jim Naughton, who wrote the convincing series “Following the Money” detailing how a Washington based lobbying organization that’s a holdover from the Cold War is working to change the present power structures in the Episcopal Church, has posted info today about a video soon to be released with more info:

“Talk2Action has news of a new video produced by United Methodist Minister Steven D. Martin. Renewal or ruin? examines the role of the Institute on Religion and Democracy in sowing dissent within mainline denominations and advancing a hard-right political agenda. The story will be somewhat familiar to readers of part one my series Following the Money, but Martin’s 25 minute video makes the information much more accessible, and it is perfect for adult education classes.”

The video is mostly concerned with the relationship between the IRD and the United Methodist Church. (The UMC is apparently the prime concern of the IRD, TEC is secondary at best.) But it and the website that has been constructed to inform folks about the IRD’s work is probably useful to all of us.

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