Jim Naughton responds to Kendall Harmon

General Convention

Jim Naughton has responded to the points that Kendall Harmon raised in a post on Harmon’s blog yesterday.

At the end of Jim’s response, he makes the following point about why he (and others) are struggling to understand what is being asked:

“If the Primates’ recommendation leaves room for the continuation of same-sex blessings, then I can only assume that room exists for a reason. The reason, I suggest, is that the Archbishop of Canterbury and a few others may have realized that giving us this bit of room significantly increased the odds of keeping the Episcopal Church within the Communion. So, if that room exists, it exists for the sake of the Communion. And if it doesn’t exist, it is essential that Episcopalians understand that as they contemplate their decision.”

I’ve written my own thoughts about what we might learn from the call for clarity and our giving of an unequivocal response already, but I think in terms of the task before the House of Bishops, Jim’s point is critically important.

Read the rest here: My response to Kendall Harmon

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