First news of the morning: ++KJS elected to Primate’s Steering Committee

General Convention

Ruth Gledhill just posted the following:

Link: Times Online – Ruth Gledhill – WBLG: Schori triumphs in Dar as new Anglican queen.

I can break the news that TEC Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has been elected onto the all-important policy-making Joint Standing Committee. There will be much speculation about how this came about. It is obviously interesting to note that the administration of the Anglican Communion Office depends on funds from TEC. Balancing the books without TEC would not be possible. It is equally likely that Rowan Williams respects her, and that many of the Primates wanted to make a particular gesture of support after the opposition that has been expressed to her. A source close to what’s happening in Dar es tells me that things will be “very rough” this afternoon.

There’s more at the site linked to above.

The official press conference will be held at 8:45 MST (for those of us in Arizona). I’ll try to link to the documents that are released as soon as I can.

(I’m not sure what this bit of news means – except that if it’s true, clearly our Presiding Bishop is not being asked to absent herself or The Episcopal Church from the Communion.)

Jim Naughton and Jan Nunley have been in touch with Matt Davies in Tanzania. Jan has more info here. Jim has posted a bit more about what this news means.

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