Spiritual thriller flying off shelves


Just saw this news about a new book that’s apparently quite the rage…

“A clandestine sect with evil plans to end the world. An ancient code. Secret saints. And the Kabbalah.

These are the key elements of The Book of Names, a new spiritual thriller that has been flying off the shelves since its release last month.

The book, co-written by Chicago native Jill Gregory and her best friend/writing partner Karen Tintori, was released Jan. 9 with a first printing of 75,000 copies and already has gone into its second printing, Craig Libman, a publicist for St. Martin’s Press, said Friday.”

The article goes on to say “Look out Dan Brown!”

I’ve not seen the book – and this is the first I’ve heard of it. Have any of you come across it? Is it worth reading as a “fun” book before Lent gets here?

Read the rest here: Cathleen Falsani :: Spiritual thriller flying off shelves

(Via Chicago Sun-Times.)

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