Epiphany 5c 2007

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The epistle lesson from today's readings summarizes much of what Paul teaches in his whole letter to the church in Corinth – that God doesn't play favorites. In the Gospel lesson, you have Jesus' teaching the crowd on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, followed immediately by a miraculous catch of all types of fish by his seafaring disciples. Paul makes a point (that we're still learning today) that God's Realm is so much about whether or not we all agree on everything and have lots in common, but instead about everyone being gathered up together around the altar – not unlike a multitude of fish caught up in a fisherman's net.

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(NB: I modified this sermon with the inclusion of what looks like a gratuitous story because we had two young children baptized this weekend at the later service and the Cathedral was filled with the whole of the Godly Play Program who were serving as their sponsors. I added the story about the “deep water” to try to give them a way to follow along too. It worked for them, even though the story is pretty much just a bolt-on to the rest of the flow of the sermon.)

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