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Sorry for the silence on the blog these last few days. There’re lots of things happening in the Anglican world at the moment, and sadly none of them have very much to do with celebrating the Feast of the Lord’s Incarnation. I’ll have some catching up to do over the next few weeks.

On Saturday night this week I took the midnight flight to Bethlehem PA to surprise our daughter at her final performance of “Babe in Toyland” and to help my wife out with the details of closing on our house in Bethlehem. That’s all been managed now – mostly by her – so I caught another night flight and am back in Phoenix. The family joins me here on the 23rd so that we’ll finally all be in one place and in time for Christmas together.

Hopefully once we get into our new home here in Phoenix, and find all the things that the movers packed up for us in Bethlehem, our lives will become a bit more ordered and much less splintered between two distant parts of the same country.

(I guess that’s my prayer for the Communion at the moment as well. I’ve no time to really write, but as I’m reading “God’s Secretaries” I’m seeing more and more connections between the Jacobean Church of England and our own day. I’ll try to put up something along those lines on the other side of Christmas Day. Assuming I can find my books again… Grin.)

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