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The Anglican Scotist has a post up today that examines the question of charge of Apostasy which has been leveled again and again against the Episcopal Church. The most recent charge comes in a letter written by Bishop Schofield in response to a (from my view) welcome and gracious offer to the network dioceses in the Episcopal Church…

“As with accusations that TEC is heretical following the acts of GC2003, we see–I believe–a propensity among TEC’s high-profile critics to assume the worst without cogent argument. Namely, their pronouncements of heresy and apostasy imply–as astounding as it may seem–they belileve TEC recognizes (say) that an active homosexual man should not be ordained, and does it anyway, or that TEC has knowingly abandoned the Christian religion.

TEC’s critics are on thin moral ice here. Their sustained imputation of the worst to TEC–in the face of what seems to me absolutely overwhelimg evidence to the contrary–could be merely innocent ignorance. Maybe, just maybe they really do, incredibly, in their hearts see TEC as proclaiming what it takes to be false or willfully abandoning the Christian religion. In doing so they rule out the possibility that TEC simply made a mistake, or is doing the best it can and has stumbled, or is just being sincere even if in a misguided way–all this conceding for the sake of argument that a theological mistake was made at GC2003, which I think is far from clear.”

The Scotist has, once again, pointed out the logical flaw in the arguments being bandied about.

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