Pittsburgh Diocese Moves Closer to Final Break with Episcopal Church

General Convention

There’s a report posted on the website of “PEP” regarding the diocesan convention in Pittsburgh today:

Link: Pittsburgh Diocese Moves Closer to Final Break with Episcopal Church.

The majority [of delegates to the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s Annual Convention] turned aside all efforts to accommodate parishes that support The Episcopal Church. One of these would have allowed parishes that have declined to be part of the [Anglican Communion Network] to avoid supporting it through the diocese, a principle seemingly granted in a signed legal settlement between the diocese and parishes committed to remaining in The Episcopal Church. In another move, the convention defeated an amendment that would have created a separate district in the diocese for parishes wanting to maintain a connection to Province III.

Apparently what’s sauce for the goose isn’t sauce for the gander. The voting majority of the Diocese of Pittsburgh is asking that the Episcopal Church respect their beliefs by allowing it to associate with like-minded dioceses and to disassociate from people with whom it disagrees. But then the Diocesan Convention refuses to allow the people within its borders to do the same.

I’d be curious if anyone who knows can explain to me why the Convention decided to do this. Was it simply because they could (since the Network folks have an over-riding numerical majority within the Diocese)? If so, how is this in any way different than what the Diocese is objecting to with respect to its treatment by The Episcopal Church?

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  1. BobinWashPa says

    I was one of the delegates yesterday. I don’t understand why the orthodox want to drag those of us who wish to remain in province III with them. They didn’t want to let us redirect our monies to province III and they did not want us to have our own “like minded” section. Why? The resounding of male voices vehemently opposed to allowing those of us loyal to TEC any concession makes me wonder. Are we to be pruned away from our buildings? (Pruning was the analogy of the day. We prune away the bad growth.)
    Why? I’ve never been to a more bitter and meanspirited setting in my life. I didn’t re-commit myself to Christ to pass judgement, call sinners out, or treat people with whom I don’t agree with contempt. It’s all too foreign for me.
    God’s Peace,

  2. Thanks Bob. I have to say, from where I’m sitting, it *does* seem rather mean spirited. It’s certainly hard to recognize the fairness of refusing to extend to another group the special treatment you’re asking for yourself…

  3. BobinWashPa says

    Thank You for letting me vent the other day.
    I went to Calvary Episcopal Friday night to a service for All Soul’s with a small orchestra and the choir performing Mozart’s Requiem. They even wore black vestments.
    That coupled with seeing ++KJS investure have lifted my spirits.
    Peace, Bob

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