Meant to blog, then life happened…


I spent the morning thinking through a post about the questions being raised regarding the consents to the consecration of Mark Lawrence to be the next bishop of South Carolina.

But that post has to wait.

I had a call just before lunch that a pipe had burst in the air-conditioning cooling tower here at the Cathedral. So I hot-footed it in to the church and have been with repair folks and on the phone since then.

Looks like the worst of it is over and now we just have to manage the clean up. (And there’s no air-conditioning for the next couple of days. Which wouldn’t be too bad if we could open a window here…)

I’ll try to get something posted in the next few days.

NB: Still no luck on the getting the sermons recorded. Even when the volunteer who oversees the Cathedral’s sound system is able to sit up in the balcony, we don’t seem to be getting recordings made. I spent my spare time over the weekend re-wiring and re-configuring the computer networks here and wireless routers here at the Cathedral in preparation for the web-cast of the Presiding Bishop’s installation service. It looks like that’s pretty much set to go now.

Next task to try to manage is figure out what’s going on with the sound system and to work out why there are so many people complaining that they can’t hear. Which is surprising given the seriously large amount of money that’s been spent of the system so far. But we’ll get that worked out for the installation I’m sure.

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