“Culture war” in America may be overblown: poll – Yahoo! News


A little data to add to our conversations…

“Despite talk of ‘culture wars’ and the high visibility of activist groups on both sides of the cultural divide, there has been no polarization of the public into liberal and conservative camps,’ the Pew Research Center said, commenting on its poll of 2,003 American adults.

Best illustrating the willingness of Americans to consider opposing points of view is that two-thirds of poll respondents supported finding a middle ground when it comes to abortion rights — a solid majority that stood up among those calling themselves evangelicals, Catholics, Republicans or Democrats.”

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  1. It is interesting to see that there is a lot more middle. I wonder how those in the middle would feel if their partner were a foreign national and unable to find some way to keep him here if he lost his job? That’s my position anyway, and it does seem again that the middle in politics can lack love as much as the wings.

  2. Amen *Christopher, Amen.
    Just because someone (like me) says they’re in the middle doesn’t mean that they can make any particular claim to special moral rightness.
    I understand the middle as being a very dangerous place for the individual when viewed through the lens of morality.

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