Ed Jones: Episcopalians still talking, still looking for a future together

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Interesting Op-ed piece in the Fredricksburg News by Ed Jones, who was the editor of the Center Aisle at Convention:

“Having witnessed the majority power of the diverse center at the Episcopalians’ triennial convention in Columbus, Ohio, last month, I’m exasperated–but not surprised–at how those who see themselves as being on the left or right are getting more than their fair share of publicity.

They are being aided and abetted by some (not all) journalists, who seem to be more interested in injecting oomph into their stories than in mastering the nuances of church talk.

The bottom line from Columbus is that, through earnest, heartfelt compromise, Episcopalians opted to stick together–to continue a prayerful pilgrimage despite deep divisions over issues of human sexuality.

Yet some of the reports you may have heard or seen make it sound as if the Episcopal Church has veered into a death spiral, with liberals and conservatives taking turns administering the last rites.”

Read the rest here: Fredericksburg.com – Episcopalians still talking, still looking for a future together CROSS PURPOSES I Comment by Ed Jones

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