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Found this blog from Israel that is being updated pretty regularly right now.

Try cleaning out the bomb shelter, the room you like to pretend doesn’t exist, the storeroom for all of the crap that you don’t know what to do with and you just toss inside.

I peeked in mine today, realized there was no light — not a good thing — and stuck a lamp in there. No need to replenish the water supply — there was still plenty of mineral water in there — left over from 2003 (anyone remember Saddam Hussein? Scuds? Anyone? Bueller?)

Israeli television tonight is having the traditional “open studio” that it has in times of crisis, a national tradition that began in radio and moved over to television. It’s a mix of news reporting, helpful advice from the authorities, shmoozing on various crisis-related topics, and occasional musical interludes — stars coming in and talking about their war experiences and singing something cheery/and or inspirational.

Channel 2 had Shiri Maimon, who placed second in the country’s first season of “American Idol” — called “A Star Is Born” here — and went on to represent the country in the Eurovision competition. She talked about spending the night in her parent’s place just north of Haifa, getting in her car in the morning to head back to Tel Aviv, freaking when she heard the sirens, and pulling a U-turn and turning around to cringe with Mom and Dad in the shelter.

She was talking about clearing out their shelter, which is inevitably used to store rusting bicycles and old ping-pong tables that no one has played on in years….good thing we have these national crises to help us get those pesky household chores out of the way.

Read more here: An Unsealed Room – A window on life in Israel

I’ll see if I can find an Lebanese blogger who’s posting as well…

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